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Traditional Alpa massage products are an important part of preparatory and regenerative massages.

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Category Herbal Tinctures

ALPA Clasic (original)

The traditional glass bottle hides natural plant essential oils, menthol, nerol and other flavoring substances in alcoholic solution. This makes the use, application and treatment easy and fast. Francovka has been a proven product for home for many years, such as headaches, back disinfection, colds, massages, joint pains, after sports, toothache, sweating feet and more. There are many positive effects. You can also use it as a relaxing product for a perfect bath, after shave treatment or after dilution it can also be used as a lotion, to remove make-up remnants, powders and dense creams. It is a truly versatile product that should not miss in your home.

ALPA Lesana

Alcohol-based tincture of natural essential oils and some of their substances (menthol, linalool, nerol, etc.), but also some other aromatic extracts.

Alpa Lesana is herbal tincture with pine needle extract.

Higher menthol concentrations compared to ALPA classic increases the cooling effect. It has an aromatic, distinctly resinous aroma.

The active ingredients contained in Alpa Lesana have antiseptic and disinfecting effects, relieves pains in muscle and joint rheumatism and eliminate fatigue after body burden.

ALPA Chestnut

The chestnut extract has a beneficial effect on impaired periphery blood circulation (cold feet, violet hands), and promotes elasticity and firmness of vascular walls due to natural substances contained in the horse chestnut extract.

Use of the product:
Its active substances are suitable especially after dilution with water for compresses, foot swelling (unless it is caused by insufficient function of the heart and kidneys), at non-inflammatory form of varicose veins, at sports and other injuries.

ALPA Comfrey


The extract of comfrey root contains mainly mucilaginous substances, essential oils and alkaloids. It relieves pains and supports regeneration of tissues.

Use of the product:
It is suitable especially for compresses of suffusions and at phlebitis and myogenetic inflammations as well as chronic diseases of joints. Active substances of the comfrey extract help in healing of fractures and chronic injuries. They influence considerably blood circulation.

ALPA Cannabis

It contains extract from hemp having multiple effects.
The product has regeneration effects and releases rigid parts.
It provides relief after physical stress, providing relaxation and refreshment. It has positive effects for the entire body.

Usage: massage, bath, dilution with water to tiles.

ALPA Arnica

Natural substances contained in arnica extract have very good healing effects.
During massage it promotes blood circulation.

Use of the product:
Heals wounds, removes inflammation of joints and veins, removes swellings on the legs


Condition New, unused, unopened, undamaged item
Method of use (?) external use
Weight 60 - 160ml
Manufactured Czech Republic