Tea Loose Blends 50g - Nursing Weight Loss Cleanse Detox Anti Stress Cough Flu

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Using our teas, we can help you with any health problem, preventive strengthen your health or promote your physical performance.
You have a choice 25 types of tea, so we believe that you can find yours required tea. If you are looking for another type tea, such as with a one herb, you can look at our other products.
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Mixture of herbs
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Category Herbal Mixtures


A mixture of herbs for strengthening of immune system.
Ingredients: beans fruit without seeds, nettle leaf, goldenrod leaf, heather flower, marshmallow root
For Weight-Loss 
A mixture of herbs for slimming and weight loss.
Ingredients: uva ursi leaf, juniper fruit, thyme leaf, fennel fruit, platain leaf
Cleansing the Body
A mixture of herbs for detoxication body.
Ingredients: thymus leaf, heather flower, oregano leaf, pimpernel root, goldenrod leaf, echinacea leaf, passionflower leaf
Anti-stress and soothing mixture of herbs.
Ingredients: White Dead Nettle flower, Rosemary leaf, Violet leaf, Platain leaf, Willow bark
Good Digestion 
A mixture of herbs for promote good digestion and digestive tract health
Ingredients: Juniper fruit, Dead Nettle flower, Fennel fruit, Motherwort leaf, Sage leaf
Anti Cough 
Tea prevents cough, removes mucus and reduces fever.
Ingredients: mullein flower, elderberry flower, chamoline flower, linden flower, immortele flower, licorice root, nettle leaf, hawthorn leaf with flower

It lowers blood sugar. Strengthens the kidneys and bladder.
Ingredients: birch leaf, beed fruit without seeds, hop cones, licorice root, sweet woodruff leaf, mint leaf, walnut leaf, milk thistle fruit, dandelion root, yarrow flower, motherwort leaf


Removes inflammation and ulcer to the duodenum. Supports the correct function of the duodenum.
Ingredients: ginseg root, arnica flower, echinacea leaf, hop cones, strawberry leaf, comfrey root, burdock root, cochlearia leaf, mint leaf, couch grass rhizome, knotweed polygonum leaf, white mustard seeds

It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. Cleans the vessel.
Ingredients: dead nettle flower, lady´s mantle leaf, nettle leaf, majoram leaf, milk thistle fruit, meadowsweet leaf, hibiscus flower, yarrow flower, horsetail leaf

This tea reduces fever, eliminates bronchitis (innflamation of bronchi) and facilitates breathing.
Ingredients: mullein flower, echinacea flower, chamomile roman flower, linden flower, mallow flower and leaf, thyme leaf, hyssop flower, goldenrod leaf, chicory leaf, mint leaf, arnica flower

Tea has a preventive and calming effect. Supports good digestion in children. Suitable for children from 1 year old.
Ingredients: rosehip fruit, melissa leaf, dead nettle leaf, echinacea leaf, fennel fruit, mint leaf

Calm Sleep 

Tea soothes, relaxes and induces a peacefull sleep
Ingredients: yellow meliot leaf, linden flower, mint leaf, milk thistle fruit, hop cones, mullein flower, cleavers leaf, marshmallow root, rosemary leaf, lavender flower


Tea removes infection and inflammation of the urinary tract. It dampens the pain and easier urination.
Ingredients: oregano leaf, chamomile roman flower, willow herb leaf, cowslip flower, coriander fruit, tumeric fruit, hyssop leaf, buckthorn bark, sarsaparilla root

Breast-Feed Mothers 

Tea for breastfeding mothers provides at breastfeding mothers the necessary vitamins and minerals, has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and promotes the production of breast milk.
Ingredients: fennel fruit, shepherd´s purse leaf, platain leaf, rosehip fruit, black currant leaf, tansy leaf, linden flower, melissa leaf, primrose flower

Flu Stop

Tea reduces fever, removes infection in the body, and gives the body the balance.
Ingredients: melissa leaf, licorice root, calendula flower, lady´s bedstraw leaf, rosehip fruit, celadine leaf

Viruses Stop 

Strong antiviral due to the Echinacea plant and the support of other herbs. Tea destroys viruses and bacteria in the body, reduces fever and heals the body.
Ingredients: Echinacea root, Echinacea leaf, Echinacea flower, hibiscus flower, nettle leaf, linden flower, raspberry leaf, lungwort lef


Tea in men increases libido, potency and testosterone. In women, it increases libido and estrogen. At the same time tea is relaxing.
Ingredients: lovage root, savory leaf, rosemary leaf, ginger root, tribulus leaf, lemon balm leaf, verbena leaf, chamomile flower


Removes inflammation of gout and heal gout.
Ingredients: horsetail leaf, golden rod leaf, heather flower, ginseg siberian root, mistletoe leaf, mallow flower, buckthorn bark, caledula flower


It removes inflammation of the prostate and facilitates urination.
Ingredients: horsetail leaf, vervain leaf, willow leaf


Tea reduces blood pressure.
Ingredients: motherworth leaf, lemon balm leaf, beans frut without seeds, robert herb leaf, vachta leaf, butterbur leaf, hemp nettle flower and leaf, lungwort leaf, oregano leaf, wormwood leaf


Helps properly function the gallbladder.Removes infection and inflammation of the gall bladder. 
Ingredients: lungwort leaf, ginger rhizone, white mustard seed, black currant leaf, goat´s  rue leaf, vachta leaf, mint leaf, lapacho bark, ginkgo leaf, thyme leaf, juniper leaf, fenugreek seed


It cleans and helps the liver to function properly.
Ingredients: milk thistle fruit, cranberry leaf, wild ginseg leaf, green tea, mint leaf


Tea refreshes tired and red eyes. It also improves your eyesight.
Ingredients: eyebright leaf, yarrow flower, boldo leaf, chicory root, violet leaf

Cleaninsing with Red Beet 

Tea cleanses and detoxifies the body.
Ingredients: red beet, nettle leaf, rosehip fruit, dandelion leaf, bean fruit without seed, hyssop flower,  mallow flower

Vitamin Bomb
It contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C. It strongly strengthens the immune system.
Ingredients: sea buckthorn fruit, rosehip fruit clean peel, apple fruit, linden flower, aronia fruit, orange pee, green tea with jasmine, raspberry leaf, mate green leaf



Preparation for all products the same
Put 1g of dry herb into 1 cup of boiling water. Let stand for 10 - 15 minutes. Drink maximal 2 cups per day, between the meals.
Not suitable for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age (does not apply for childlike tea)


Form Loose tea
Manufactured Czech Republic
Condition New, unused, unopened, undamaged item
Weight 50g
Composition Mixture of herbs