Green Tea Loose 70g - Sencha Oolong Jasmine Gunpowder Tuareg Pai Mu Tan Ginkgo

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Green teas from all over the world. Different types, different tastes, different health benefits.

You can choose different types of loose teas.

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Loose Green Tea
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Green Trail 
Taste balanced and delicious green tea coming from the best areas of China.

Gunpowder Tea 
Thanks to its exceptional processing (drying to charcoal ) and thorough roll-up, this tea has an unmistakable taste, aroma and maximum quality that distinguishes it from other teas.

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven 
The best Chinese green tea of type Gunpowder comes from the province of Qinghai

Sencha Tea 
This very high quality green tea, whose only young leaves are produced, is made according to Japanese technology.

Chun Mee Tea 
In China one of the most consumed green teas. Small petals are rolled into sparrow tongues or eyebrows.

Lung Ching Tea 
Lung Ching, also known as the Dragon Well, is undoubtedly the most famous Chinese green tea, and perhaps one of the most famous teas at all. This tea is maked exclusively by hand.

Japan Bancha Tea 
Bancha - a late three-year tea. Basic Japanese green tea. Even though it contains less caffeine than other Japanese green teas (thanks to the older leaves), it has proven stimulating effects and greatly suited to sipping in the evenings in demanding mental work.

Japan Genmaicha 
Genmaicha - tea with unleavened rice. This high-quality tea, also know as "tea popcorn" is made by blending the finest Japanese Sencha tea with roasted rice.

Ceylon OPA Tea 
Ceylon OPA Green Tea from area DIMBULA. Green tea is cultivated, at altitude 1500 m. Tea have golden color and strong flavor. Is cultivated on one of the island's finest plantations.

Ceylon Earl Grey Tea 
The most famous representative of Ceylon black teas of the highest quality class from province SABARAGAMUWA

Tuareg Tea 
Specific ceremonial tea originating in the Saharan region and North Africa inhabited by the Tuarega nomads. Tea consists of a mixture of green tea and Moroccan mint.

Green Tea with Ginkgo 

 Tea improves memory, concentration, and intelligence. Perfect choice, for example, for students.

Green Tea with Ginseng 
This tea is a source of energy, stimulates both the body and the brain, relieves fatigue, activates potency and has a positive effect on overall vitality. 

Pai Mu Tan Tea 
Caesarian White Tea represents the finest and most known tea. This tea has a delicious taste and, at the same time, beneficial effects on our body

Green Tea with Echinacea 
It has a beneficial effect on the self-defenses of the organism. Echinacea leads to the activation of white blood cells, lymphocytes, which are able to absorb the agent of infection directly in the human organism and also produce antibodies.

Green Tea with Lemon 
The flavor of lemon gives green tea an unmistakable aroma and flavor. Green lemon tea has an overall cooling effect and refreshes both the body and the mind. 

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea leaves contain a substance called catechin, which helps to make lipids (fats) and cholesterol more easily eliminated from the blood. It helps fight overweight and heart disease.



Form Loose
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