Green Tea Loose 70g - Sencha Oolong Jasmine Gunpowder Tuareg Pai Mu Tan Ginkgo

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Green teas from all over the world. Different types, different tastes, different health benefits.

You can choose different types of loose teas.

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Loose Green Tea
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Category Green Teas


Gunpowder Tea

Thanks to its exceptional processing (drying to charcoal ) and thorough roll-up, this tea has an unmistakable taste, aroma and maximum quality that distinguishes it from other teas.

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven
The best Chinese green tea of type Gunpowder comes from the province of Qinghai

Sencha Tea
This very high quality green tea, whose only young leaves are produced, is made according to Japanese technology.

Tuareg Tea
Specific ceremonial tea originating in the Saharan region and North Africa inhabited by the Tuarega nomads. Tea consists of a mixture of green tea and Moroccan mint.

Green Tea with Ginkgo 

Tea improves memory, concentration, and intelligence. Perfect choice, for example, for students.

Jasmine tea
Green tea (Camellia sinensis), Jasmine flowers (Jasminium sambac). Jasmine comes from the Persian Gulf. Jasmine flowers have been used to perfume black and green teas for several centuries. Jasmine tea has a distinctive aroma and an excellent refreshing taste. This tea is the king of flavored teas and is created by mixing jasmine flowers (flower leaves) with Chinese green tea of the highest quality. Processing takes place at night, because only then are the sweet-smelling jasmine flowers open. The flowers are collected in the morning, when they are freshest, and then stored in a cool place until the evening. Jasmine has both calming and warming effects. 

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea leaves contain a substance called catechin, which helps to make lipids (fats) and cholesterol more easily eliminated from the blood. It helps fight overweight and heart disease.



Form Loose
Manufactured Czech Republic
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Type of tea Green