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Black teas from all over the world.
Different tastes. Different ways of processing. Different quality.
For choose bagged and loose tea.
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Loose Black Teas
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Category Black Teas
Pu Er
Pu-erh stands apart from every other black teas as its tea leaves go through a natural fermentation process before the tea is gently dried.  This not only creates a cup with zero astringency and deep, rich body, but this fermentation process also helps produce micro-organisms which are being shown to be particularly beneficial to the human body.
Pu-erh tea (pronounced ‘poo-air’) contains high levels of polyphenols (flavonoids, catechins and theaflavin), which are known for their antioxidant activity. These powerful chemicals speed up fat burning as well as reduce stress and heavy metal consumption due to the cell repair compounds found within. The theanine and flavoids found within pu-erh just so happen to aid in digestion after meals by acting as a sponge and accelerator for fat burning.
Jasmine tea is not considered an “herbal tea” because it is actually a normal tea (green, white, black, or oolong) that is flavored with jasmine flowers to create the unique scent and taste. This jasmne tea is mixtured with black tea.
One reason why jasmine tea is so popular is due to its benefits to overall health, which come from the nutritional elements in the organic tea buds themselves. It is a wonderful means of adding uncommon antioxidants to your system like catechins and epicatechins, which can have a wide range of beneficial effects on your body.
Keemun tea is a Chinese black tea best known for its unique floral fragrance resembling orchids and honey.
This Chinese tea is composed of beautiful young thin black shoots of leaves and buds from the tea bush. These shoots are shaped into distinctive tight twists.
Processed into a black tea, this beverage has a fruity flavor, almost wine-like matching the bright red color of the brew. With various health benefits this could be your everyday cup of tea.
Tea is grown in Georgia to a plantations in one of the northernmost parts of the world in the foothills of the Caucasus. This area is one of the cleanest in the world. Tea grows here at altitudes around 1000 m above sea level. The taste is full and slightly pungentr, typical mountain aroma and chestnut color.
High quality tea from the Caucasus. High-quality celolist tea rolled into small beads (CTC processing method). The leaves thus retain their full taste. Russians drink their tea from Samovar through a dice of sugar. Very popular is sipping tea with vodka, goat milk or red wine.
High quality tea from the Vietnam. Although the development of the tea industry in Vietnam occurred with the arrival of the French colonists in 1825, in the north of the country, adjacent to the renowned Chinese tea provinces of Yunnan and Kuangsi, tea has been cultivated for over a thousand years. A large part of them is aromated - most often by jasmine. Vietnam tea is a high quality black tea that can be compared with tea from China. The area where black tea is produced has an area of 25,000 hectares and is extended to the province as Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Son La, and Nghe An. The infusion is dark in color with a slightly bitter taste.
Yunnan’s tastiest and most distinctive black teas (dian hong) are derived from tea bushes that have been cultivated from indigenous tea trees and wild tea bushes. These bushes are related botanically both to the sub-variety Camellia sinensis assamica grown in India and the sub-variety Camillia sinensis sinensis found throughout the rest of China. This uniqueness in Yunnan fresh leaf gives its black teas richness, softness, and a creamy mouth-feel that distinguish it from most other Chinese black teas.
Black ceylon tea is the most common form and has a mild flavor that is reminiscent of citrus fruits. Ceylon tea is widely praised around the world for its high polyphenolic content, which bestows a number of health benefits on those who regularly consume this tea leaf variety. More specifically, ceylon tea is believed to have a warming influence on the body, and always has a slightly tangy taste, which sets it apart from other varietals on the market. The flavonoids, antioxidants, and polyphenolic compounds in ceylon tea have made it a popular remedy for a wide variety of ailments and afflictions, and can even be used in topical applications for certain issues
Lapsang Souchong
Lapsang souchong is a black tea (Camellia sinensis) originally from the Wuyi region of the Chinese province of Fujian. It is sometimes referred to as smoked tea. Lapsang is distinct from all other types of tea because lapsang leaves are traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, taking on a distinctive smoky flavour.
A black tea, lapsang souchong has a rich colour.
Lapsang souchong's flavours include dried longan pine smoke and whiskey.
It is common for even rather strongly brewed Lapsang Souchong tea to lack the bitterness common with other tea varieties.
Lapsang souchong has a high reputation outside China; it is viewed as "tea for Westerners" inside China. It was drank by the likes of Winston Churchill and Gary Snyder, who referred to it in "Mountains and Rivers Without End".
Assam tea is a black tea named after the region of its production, Assam, in India.  Assam tea is manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica (Masters). This tea, most of which is grown at or near sea level, is known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, and strong, bright colour. Assam teas, or blends containing Assam, are often sold as "breakfast" teas. For instance, Irish breakfast tea, a maltier and stronger breakfast tea, consists of small-sized Assam tea leaves.
Grown in the slopes of the Himalayas, Darjeeling black tea is considered one of the best black teas in India and in the world.
Twisted downy shoots, the tea leaves range from green-chestnut to dark chestnut brown in color.
This Indian black tea is best known for its unique flavor: nutty muscatel notes that resemble no other tea. This is the reason why this tea is considered the Champagne of teas. Rich in flavor and in health benefits, this is a tea that you can enjoy every day.
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