Finding The Perfect Tea Set


When entertaining, those accoutrements you offer to your guests says a lot about you are. When serving tea, your tea set is an expression of your personality, your home, and your zest for entertaining. Therefore, the perfect tea set is different for everyone. Find the tea set that expresses your personality and brings your own unique version of beauty to your gathering.

An antique tea set that you find during a weekend spent exploring yard sales and antique stores can be an enormously satisfying purchase. Tea – with its ancient origins – connects the past with the present. And as such, it seems only appropriate to serve tea from an antique tea set; a respectful nod to the generations before us who gathered over tea.

Even more special, therefore, is the antique tea set that derives right from your family. An heirloom tea set does more than just look beautiful on your table; it gives your guests a glimpse into your family’s past. Further, by sharing this with your guests you honor them. Part of entertaining is presenting your guests with a unique and welcoming experiencing. Your tea set sets the tone.

However, if you are a person who loves contemporary lines and sleek modern amenities, then your tea set should reflect that about you. Newly purchased tea sets can be just as wonderful because ultimately they tell a story about who you are.

No matter what tea set you choose, be sure to accessorize your tea set with beautiful ancillary pieces. Beautiful tea spoons, sugar bowl, creamer, loose tea balls, and strainers – they are all a part of your tea set.

In this chaotic world where people are often too busy to stop and enjoy a moment, a cup of tea can restore focus and balance. Celebrate this moment by accompanying it with the perfect tea set. Find something you love and it will bring you joy each and every time you use it.